European Policy Forum has been improving the quality of policy ideas for the UK and the EU since 1992.


The Forum is highly regarded for its expertise in the financial, energy, telecoms and other regulated sectors. It has a particular mission to develop the better regulation agenda and has produced pioneering studies promoting the design, effective use and subsequent audit of impact assessments.


It attracts the highest level of policymakers at the international, European and national level with a special mission to bring together policymakers, regulators and market participants in constructive dialogue.


It holds frequent special roundtables on topical issues which allow a fruitful exchange of confidential analysis, perspective and policy ideas for the benefit of better policymaking, better regulation and better legislation. Competition and choice are at the centre of its work and their interaction with other public policy objectives and the public interest overall is another key area of study.


EPF is chaired by Lord Tugendhat, a former parliamentarian, regulator, European Commissioner and Chairman of leading companies, who succeeded the founding Chairman, the late Lord Hunt of Tanworth GCB. The Advisory Council includes on a cross-party basis, prominent members of the House of Lords, leading regulators, distinguished former civil servants and prominent business leaders.

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