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The European Financial Forum is part of the European Policy Forum, which has been improving the quality of policy ideas for the UK and the EU since 1992.

The Forum is highly regarded for its expertise in the financial, energy, telecoms and other regulated sectors and brings together policymakers, regulators and market participants in constructive dialogue.

It holds frequent special roundtables on topical issues, which allow a fruitful exchange of confidential analysis, perspective and policy ideas for the benefit of better policymaking, better regulation and better legislation. These discussions attract the highest level of policymakers at the international, European and national level.

Competition and choice are at the centre of our work and their interaction with other public policy objectives and the public interest overall is another key area of study.

The Forum’s connections with the European Institutions mean that its work is closely integrated with regulatory development in telecoms, financial services, energy, water and other areas stemming from Brussels. The Forum will be looking at the likely consequences of Brexit for the relevant sectors going forward.

Our cross-party links mean that its Advisory Council benefits from the advice of distinguished parliamentarians in the House of Lords drawn from each party: Rt Hon Lord Howell of Guildford, the former Conservative Cabinet Minister; Baroness Smith of Newnham and Lord Stevenson of Balmacara, the Labour Shadow Industry Minister. 

Leading figures from financial and economic regulators regularly take part in the Forum’s work.  These include figures of the eminence from the European Central Bank, the Director General of DG FISMA at the European Commission, leading figures from the Bank of England, the Chairs of the European Supervisory Authorities for banking, securities and insurance, and leading figures from the US Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as the leaders of stock exchanges, market organisations and global companies.

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